For the whole year Cortona, enchanting Medieval town, attracts tourists from all over the world coming here to admire one of the most famous Medieval hearts of Tuscany. Today Cortona, a small and intimate ‘borgo’ that keeps its character full of history, is still surrounded by the ancient walls, which frame itat 600m altitude, where it overlooks the green landscape of Valdichiana.

The narrow winding streets make a beautiful walk to the discovery of the signs of different ages- Etruscan walls, Medieval Churches, Renaissance squares and palaces.

Cortona can be seen on foot, starting from Piazza della Repubblica, living centre of the town which houses the Town Hall, only few metres from Hotel San Michele. The hotel is in close proximity to Sant’Agostino Conference Centre, so those who are on a business trip have the chance to visit the town and easily take partin the events organized by the Centre throughout the year.

First of all, you should definitely visit the two main museums.The MAEC Museum of the Etruscan Academy and of the City was established in 1727 by a selected group of local nobles interested in theEnlightenment. The Museum houses relics from various ages and regions, from the Prehistoric periodto the Ancient Egypt, from the Roman age to the Middle ages. Very important is the Etruscan collection, which has been recently enriched with relics from the amazing Etruscan necropolis of the archaeological site in Sodo, discovered only few years ago.

The other important museum is the Diocesan Museum, located in the architectural complex of Gesù, in front of the Cathedral.The Museum mainly housespaintings ranging from the 2nd century A.D. to the modern age. Notably, it features works by Luca Signorelli, Pietro Lorenzetti, Beato Angelico.

Cortona is not only history and art, but also living culture. Every year the town hosts heaps of events involving photography, music, antiques, books, and so on. First come the historical pageants of Giostra dell’Archidado (from May to early June), followed by the International Photography Festival “Cortona On The Move” (from July to October), together withthe Mix Festival (end of July - beginning of August), to conclude, in September, with the event dedicated to antiques, Cortonantiquaria, which has been bringing to Cortona the exhibition-market of antique furniture for 50 years.

The events calendar also includes the important theatre seasonof the Signorelli Theatre (from November to March), religious events at Easter (April) and other events of various type organized in Summer.

Plan your holiday in Cortona, Hotel San Michele’s receptionwill give you all the information you need and will confirm the dates of the events.